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The Alliance Capital K/S is a private investment company in the form of limited partnership headquartered in the Hvidovre (municipality), Denmark.

            The company was founded on February 26, 2008.
Certificate of State registration No. 31348544 from 21.07.2009 issued by the Authority for registration of enterprises and societies/companies of the Copenhagen city.
            The main business of the company is to create and implement successful innovative projects in various industries.

            The Alliance Capital K/S, on the basis of detailed marketing research develops effective projects, involves investments and business partners for implementation of joint projects.
In spite of relatively short period of business activity the company managed to implement a number of attractive projects in different countries of the world and has reached the level of mature and fast growing company.

The key to the company's success is the huge intellectual potential and experience of over 450 employees of the company; currently, the company successfully implements promising projects in road construction, real estate, industrial production, telecommunications, medicine and trade in different countries of the world.

The company considers the following factors for implementation of commercial projects and involving investments for them:

- Macro-and microeconomic market development in particular country or region.

- Comprehensive study of the projects status.

- Possibilities of cooperation with interested partners for joint implementation of projects

- Development of business plans for potential subsidiaries or joint ventures.

- Strategic management of enterprises established with our participation.

Based on the above outlined concept our company opened a number of subsidiaries and joint ventures which successfully operate and develop in countries such as Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, Turkey, U.A.E., Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and others.