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Alliance Capital K/S is a private investment limited partnership company headquartered in Copenhagen (Denmark).

The Company was founded on February 26, 2008.

Certificate of State Registration No. 3148484 dated February 26, 2008, issued by the Office for Registration of Enterprises and Societies/Companies of the City of Copenhagen.


Since its incorporation, the Alliance Capital K/S  has invested knowledge, capital and opportunities in strategic sectors of the economy, mainly telecommunications, roads construction, energy, mining and chemical industry.

Despite the relatively short period of its business the Company has managed to implement a number of promising projects in different countries of the world and has reached the level of a mature and effectively developing company.




The Company's vision: leadership in roads construction, chemical and mining industries, and energy, mainly in the countries of Central Asia, as well as in several other countries, including the CIS, EU and the USA.


The mission of the Company: we build roads to the future by connecting.


Company Values: human capital assets are the most valuable.



General Director - Rustam Muminov

Commercial Director - Davor Grtsevich

Technical Director - Lothar Schneider


As of 20.06.2020:


Assets                                                                             43.6 million USD

Headcount                                                                      1,400

Average annual turnover                                                45 million USD

Since its incorporation the Company has established over 22 subsidiaries in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and the EU.

The Company's main key to success is its great intellectual potential and experience of over 1,400 experts in different countries of the world.

Over $ 200 million has been invested in chemical, mining, and oil and gas industries.

Roads construction: over 6 major international projects  implemented, a powerful fleet of over 300 vehicles created, over 180 experts trained, over 120 km of roads built.