Construction Group

Construction Group is one of Alliance Capital key divisions specialized in delivering of civil engineering, general and industrial construction, as well as, consultative and supportive services, chiefly for needs of affiliated companies in the CIS countries.

With an international team of dedicated engineers, experts and skilled working force, our construction group is properly positioned for range of sectors where infrastructure, capital and maintenance projects are considered.

Main departments within Alliance Capital construction group are:

-contracting department

-road construction department

-commercial and residential construction engineering department

-civil engineering and structure works department

 -production, procurement and quality department

Construction group put maximum efforts in preparing diligent pre-construction activities that help in identifying options and making informed, well backed decisions leading toward an efficient project management to address everyday challenges.

This begins with the project owner, designers, engineers, and the construction manager/general contractor, but also includes project subcontractors and consultants, oversight agencies, community boards and the general public.

During the early stages of a project the plan for field implementation can be generated, tested, and confirmed. In complex environment of changing regulations and economical realities Alliance Capital will provide necessary platform for discussion, planning, overall review, conditions surveys, building material recommendations, logistics options, permitting, coordination with local utilities and public transportation, the review and hiring of subcontractors, and identification and solicitation of early bid and pre-purchasing opportunities.