Energy and LNG projects

In the EU the Alliance Capital K/S is involved in the preparation of projects for construction of LNG storage facilities and gas stations.  The first gas station in Italy that exclusively sells LNG was opened in 2017 by Liquimet, and distribution projects development in Italy is currently being assessed together with Alliance Capital K/S. The Alliance Capital K/S is involved in creation of infrastructure for small and medium sea ports for LNG bunkering for ships together with other Italian parties such as IREN and several municipalities.

In the German market, Alliance Capital K/S is at the stage of negotiations on joining the fuel tank stations chain (retail) based on the existing chain of stations used to sell the LNG.

Alliance Capital K/S collaborates with German LNG engineering companies such as TGE GasEngineering, Dobersek Engineering, Saalfeld Gas, Baltic LNG, Berndorf.

Alliance Capital K/S in cooperation with the TransLNG - - is developing a project for bunkering and developing the use of LNG for road transport in Croatia. Together with the specialized LNG company Gasfin Slovenia SA, a LNG bunkering project is being developed in the ports of the Adriatic Sea in Slovenia.

In addition to LNG distribution, the Alliance Capital K/S is developing LNG production projects.

Alliance Capital's technology and strategic partner, Gasfin, is a specialized developer of natural gas projects with focus on production, logistics and distribution of LNG and CNG since 2005.

Alliance Capital K/S currently has several ongoing developments, including the production of LNG in the EU from municipal waste, in line with EU decarbonization initiatives.

In 2020 there were signed the contracts for the supply of gas condensate to the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Intensive work is underway in this direction.