Specialists of the company, after studying the medical service system in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan came to conclusion about high demand for construction of therapeutic-diagnostic centers equipped with modern medical appliances.

As springboard for development of this field of activity Uzbekistan was chosen. Until now the company constructed and started operation of two medical diagnostic centers in town of Samarkand and Namangan staffed with high-qualified specialists and most modern medical appliances.

Currently these therapeutic-diagnostic centers operate efficiently and help thousands of people to improve their health. Fields of activity: physical therapy, laboratory diagnostic. Modern equipment of the therapeutic-diagnostic centers ensures a quality diagnostic in short time. In laboratories of these centers more than 40 types of tests are carried out. The automatic equipment provides possibility to conduct blood test, urine analysis, cytological examination and other examinations with elimination of human factor which considerably increases accuracy and speed of obtaining of examination results.
Currently the commissioning of a large medical-prevention center in central part of Tashkent city is in progress, the center will provide a wide range of medical services to residents and guests of Tashkent city.

Currently the company works on obtaining of permission documents for construction of two therapeutic-medical centers in Moscow and in Kiev.

The attached pictures gallery illustrates activity of subsidiary companies of the АLLIANCE CAPITAL in field of medicine.