Mining industry

The Alliance Capital K/S is investing in the mining industry being guided by a detailed marketing research. One of the projects in Uzbekistan is the creation of a Joint Venture, the LLC Quytosh Koni, based on the Kaytash mine by acquiring a non-operating property complex from the Kapital Bank worth 3 billion UZS (about $1 million).
The main activity of the JV is the processing of man-made mineral waste from tungsten ore production for which to date a concentrating mill for recycling of man-made mature stocks has been imported and built, with investments amounting to $1.5 million, over 100 jobs have been created.
The JV LLC Quytosh Koni has been included in the Government Program for Development of Jizzakh region in 2017-2021.  According to the Program the following production types have been planned at the Kuytash: brown ores for cement production, feldspar, quartzite, granite, as well as onyx. As a result of these measures the Kuytash will get another 250-300 jobs.
For processing of man-made mineral waste of tungsten ore to date we have imported and installed cutting edge equipment with capacity of 400 thousand tons a year and created over 100 jobs. Over the last three years the JV LLC QUYTOSH KONI has obtained the following licenses:
- License for onyx mining dated 30.03.2016 No. GZ0065F5, the mining has been commenced,
-License for brown ore mining dated 10.10.2017 No. GZ0085F5, access roads and infrastructure are being built to the quarries, the start of mining is planned for the 3rd quarter of 2018
- License for geological prospecting works at the Karakush quartzite deposit dated 25.08.2017 No. GZ0068G5 based on which a contract has been made with the State Enterprise Markscheider for the amount of 197 million UZS ($50,000), the works have been completed, test mining and preparation for reserves approval are in progress.
- License for geological prospecting works at the Dunyo-Tepa granodiorite deposit dated 6.10.2017 No. GZ0082G5 under which a contract has been made with the State Enterprise Markscheider for the amount of 87 million UZS ($22,000), the works have been completed, test mining is in progress and approbation of reserves is expected in the State Reserves Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
- the geological prospecting works have been completed at the mature concentration tailings of skarn-scheelite ores, reserves have been approved and the report No. 369 dated 31.03.17 with approved reserves in the volume of 808.5 tons WO3 has been obtained. 
The JV LLC QUYTOSH KONI has received the terms of use No. 11-3837 dated 30.10.17 according to which the feasibility study for obtaining a license has been developed. The Project provides for relocation of sands to the new tailings storage after processing at the concentrating mill, and subsequent disposal by making bricks using the method of hyper-pressing. Moreover, we plan to obtain a license for mining of tungsten ore occurrence and obtaining a license for manganese. All this will allow us to provide ourselves with our own raw materials base for creation of an integrated metallurgical complex producing import-substituting products, smelting of manganese and tungsten alloys and addition alloys. The planned enterprise will be unmatched in Uzbekistan with annual production volume of 20.0-30.0 thousand tons a year. 
The design of Extraction of low-carbon iron from beneficiated burden of brown iron ore at the Dunye-Tepa deposit in the Jizzakh region is being prepared by the LLC ELEKTROTEXBUTLASH-SERVIS ordered by the JV LLC QUYTOSH KONI.