Production & real estate complex

One of examples of a successful implementation of company's investment project is creation of industrial-property complex STEDI in Tashkent. On the base of this complex investment projects for production of packing equipment, production of polymeric dyes were implemented. An important fields of activity of STEDI are wholesale trade, leasing of premises, provision of transportation services.

By now with help of the attracted investments among others the production of polymeric dyes, admixtures and modifying agent (Masterbatch) is established for manufacturing and processing of polymeric products. The manufacturing facilities of the enterprise are equipped with machines of first-class European manufacturers, namely: Coperion Werner&Pfleider, Helios, Bradender/K-Tron/Colortonic, SECO/EMDE/Telsching, Siemens.

In cooperation with German specialists quality control system was set up since a part of products is destined for European market. A modern research laboratory operates on the enterprise which allows developing products by customs order and to process standards orders of any quantity. The base stock for production of Masterbatch can be any of main polymers: polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS and others. Also in future Masterbatch will be produced on the basis of PET. The advantage which ensures quality is usage of pigments in the process and chemical agents manufactured by leading European countries. Such production is unique in Uzbekistan and considerable part of products is exported.

On production facilities of the enterprise the production of packing equipment was restored. Currently a wide range of packing and filling equipment is manufactured such as:

- Equipment for filling of sparkling water

- Equipment for dosing of foodstuffs,

- Equipment for filling of vegetable oil,

- Equipment for packing of piece-goods,

- Equipment for coloring of glass cans,

- Equipment for packing of chemical products,

- Equipment for packing of paste forming products,

- Equipment for labeling,

- Equipment for labeling of documentary stamps.

The Design Institute «TOSHKENTBOSHPLANLITI issued resolution regarding construction on own territory of area 1,59 hectares, on the area of idle manufacturing and storage premises of complex of multistory buildings and social facilities. The company is ready to discuss with interested partners the possibilities of cooperation regarding the projects.

The attached photo-gallery illustrates the activity of industrial-property complex STEDI