Real estate

The АLLIANCE CAPITAL having started implementation of investment projects in fields telecommunication, road and industrial facilities construction, medicine, through marketing researches came to conclusion about reasonability to create construction subdivisions which could construct the required office, manufacturing and other facilities for newly created subsidiary and joint-stock enterprises. The focus is on construction of new buildings as well as purchase and profound reconstruction of existing buildings. Further research of real estate market in CIS countries demonstrated that there is a steady increasing trend of demand for office premises and business centers. In construction of offices and business centers the regional trends should be taken into consideration, focusing on compliance with modern architecture, quality utilities, comfortable arrangement of work places, parking place and professional management of buildings.

Based on the mentioned above the company started it's business in field of real estate, the activity may be divided into the following areas:

- Construction and reconstruction of buildings and facilities for implemented projects and created enterprises,

- Construction of offices and business centers for commercial purposes.

Since the company's activity in this field started to grow fast the number of real estate facilities increased fast as well, for purposes of effective operation the company created in regions and countries the companies managing the real estate.

Currently the company together with shareholding partners possesses office and business centers:

- 8 000 sq.m. - in UAE

- 12 000 sq.m. - in Russia

- 14 000 sq.m.. - in Uzbekistan

- 6 000 sq.m. - in Uzbekistan

The specialists of our company fulfill currently a profound marketing research regarding possibilities of the company's participation in other segments of real estate market.