General Information about Road Construction

The road construction is one of priority fields of the company's activity. For successful operation in this field the company found subsidiary enterprises in Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine. The company has done much work to create a powerful resource-and-technical base for its subsidiaries and for attraction of high-qualified specialists.

On its subsidiaries the company through direct investments created large fleets of road construction machines and equipment purchased from worlds' leading manufacturers.

The created manufacturing and technical base and high-qualified employees allow currently implement the following tasks in field of highway construction:


- Project design.

- Construction and improvement of highways, including;

- preparation works and site clearance,

- reinstallation of communications,

- earthworks and subgrade construction,

- construction of cement bound base course,

- construction of cement-concrete pavement,

- constriction of slip-roads and junctions,

- construction of median safety barriers,

- furnishing of roads,

- construction of bus stops and recreation areas,

- instruction of sand protection structures,

- other issues during implementation of general construction works.

- Production and supply of sand and crushed aggregate of the required technical characteristics.

- Production and supply of concrete mixes.

- Supply of wide range of construction materials such as cement, metal products, concrete products, bricks, components for furnishing of highways and others,

- Designing and construction for Employers and General Contractors of administrative and resident complexes located at highway sections under construction.

- Construction of necessary infrastructure on the site including: administrative production complexes, dining facilities, warehouses for storage of lubricant and fuel, repair workshops and laboratories, access roads and storage facilities near railway, management and control over equipment using satellite navigation system and other facilities.

For efficient satisfaction of needs during road construction the company designs and operates large quarries of aggregate materials. So, for example, in the Republic of Uzbekistan three such quarries are in operation (Karatau in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Sarymay in Khorezm region, Dzhangeldy Bukhara region). Currently the quarries of such type are being explored in Russia and Ukraine.

An example of company's successful activity in field of road construction are signing of large subcontracts with in the Republic of Uzbekistan with companies POSCO (Republic of Korea) and GP Papenburg Baugesellschaft mbH (Germany), which were awarded with contract as General Contractors for construction of a 4-lane highway with cement-concrete pavement А-380 (Guzar-Bukhara-Nukus-Beyneu), funded by Asian Development Bank.

The attached pictures gallery illustrates the activities of subsidiary enterprises of the АLLIANCE CAPITAL in field of road construction.