The ALLIANCE CAPITAL takes active part in implementation of different telecommunication projects in CIS countries.

The company focuses on the following:

- Establishment of local enterprises for operation and maintenance of local telecommunication networks, data-transmission networks, radiotelephone communication. In this field the company coorperates actively with national oprerators such as Uzbektelecom, Ukrtelecom, Korea Telekom, Sumitomo Corporation, regional operators in Russia, Akhali Kselebi (Georgia) and others, as well as with private telecommincation companies. So, for example, in Uzbekistan the company participated in foundation such companies as EAST Telecom, EVO, which are in leading position in their market section.

- Supply of different telecommunication equipment by world's leading manufacturers.

- Fulfillment by own enterprises for building and assembly jobs including:

- Preparation of design and survey for telecommunication projects,

- Construction of automatic-telephone systems.

- Construction of line-cable facilities

- Installation of station facilities and power supply systems.

- Establishment of digital data transfer channels with installation of SDH equipment and launch of streams Е1;

- Installation and debugging of equipment for customer access DSL (station and customer parts);

- Installation of office PABX of low capacity;

- Construction of broadband access communication networks;

- Construction of cellular communication stations and radioaccess systems, installation of antennas for cellular communication transmitters including supply of necessary equipment.

- Other kinds of construction and installation works required by customer.

Only certified equipment, materials and components are used for implementation of construction and installation works. The customer is provided with full package of as-built documentation regarding all fulfilled works.

The attached photo gallery illustrates the activity of subsidiary enterprises of АLLIANCE CAPITAL in field of telecommunication.