About company

The Alliance Capital K/S - is a private investment company in form of special partnership with headquarters address: Nybrogade 18, 1203 Copenhagen, Denmark

The company was found on February 26th, 2008.

The Certificate of state registration No.31348544 dated on 21.07.2009 issued by Department for registration of enterprises and societies / companies of Copenhagen.

Legal address is Nybrogade 18, 1203 Copenhagen, Denmark

The main field of the company's activity is search and creation of effective business projects in different spheres.

The Alliance Capital K/S on the basis of detailed marketing researches attracts investments and business partners for implementation of joint projects.

In spite of relatively short period of activity the company managed to implement a number of attractive projects in different countries of the world and has reached the level of mature and dynamically developing company.

The main key to success of the company is a great intellectual potential and experience of employees allocated in various countries of the world and number is more than 450 persons.

The main fields of the company's activity are implementation of challenging projects in field of road construction, real estate, industrial manufacturing, telecommunication, medicine and trade. In addition the company conducts marketing researches on possibilities of implementation of projects in other fields.

In implementing business-projects and attracting investments for them the company is guided by:

- Macro and micro economic development of market in particular country or region.

- Comprehensive study of the projects.

- Possibilities to attract interested partners for implementation of joint projects

- Design of business plans for founding of subsidiary or joint companies.

- Strategic management of enterprises found with our equity participation.

Based on the concept stated above our company created a number of subsidiary enterprises, joint-stock ventures which operate successfully in such countries as Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Check Republic, Turkey, UAE, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and others.